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I was wondering because I want more Gengar, but I don't want to waste all that time hatching a Gastly when I want a Gengar.

guys remember it depends on who hes breeding with, if its with ditto he will get a gastly, if its with any other pokemon besides a FEMALE Gengar or Ditto he will not even get a gastly
Do you have a source that says that? I couldn't find anything on it.
its basic breeding knowledge. the species of the pokemon in the egg is determine by the mother, the father pass on moves. So if you have a male pokemon and you want the baby evolution of that pokemon you have to get a female version of that pokemon or a ditto.
I see...thx Pokewatt.

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Everytime you hatch a Pokemon it will be in it's NFE (Not Fully Evolved) form. So you will have a Ghastly.

Although unless you breed your Gengar with a Female Gengar or a ditto you won't get a ghastly. The Pokemon species depends on the female, male if you have a ditto.

Although the base point is the same unfortunately, it will still be a Ghastly, not a Gengar.

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You will get a Gastly Egg and you will have to evolve it to get Gengar. There is no way to hatch a Gengar out of an Egg. Except for Hacking.

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Breeding a Pokemon always result in the lowest evolution and it will always be at lv 1. The only exception is baby Pokemon, since they require the parents to hold a special item. Sadly, Ghastly is a normal Pokemon, so you have to train it.
Source: http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding