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Okay, since I can RNG in only the Gen V, I plan to use the device Poke edit to create perfect Pokémon. I then plan to breed it and get an egg and hatch it like normal. Will the baby Pokémon be legal to enter in competitions?

I actually recommend using PokeGen as you can make Pokemon level 100 and ready to compete. It's also pretty easy.
It's basically the same thing
Is Poke Edit a program where you make Pokemon that are legit? PokeGen does that, so there is no need to breed at all :D

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You can, as long as it not came from Not Egg Group, all breeded Pokemon were legal. If a Not Egg Group (mostly Legendary Pokemon), able to produce Eggs, like Mewtwo with Ditto, it's considering as Illegal/Glitch, because only can obtain from Hack. Hope this helping.

Source: My experience and perfected by experiment in game and research in Bulbapedia and Serebii.

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>As long as the baby that hatches from the egg doesnt have any illegal moves, or ability and all its stats are normal, its legit.

So yeah. :3
Hope I helped. :D

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