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Im shiny hunting a Shiny Snover in pokémon Platinum, so I put one male snover and a female in the Day Care and I started hatching eggs hoping for the best, I choose this method because for me it was easier then wild encounters. Until now i've hatched 215 pokémons and no shinies. I have a doubt if there's another method and more efficient ( For a while in this save a dont have a pokeradar ). And in avarage how much encounters I need to get a shiny? THANKS :D

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To use the masuda method you need pokemon from different countries. Also, without the shiny charm it takes awhile, and even with it it still takes some time.
The shiny rate with your current technique is 1/8192. 200 eggs is nowhere near enough (probably...).
Masuda method (which is the "different language" technique) gives you four rerolls, increasing the rate to 5/8192 (which is close to 1/1638).
On average, it would take 8192 eggs to hatch a shiny, but when dealing with shiny odds, it's not uncommon to go way over or way under odds.

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The only other thing you can do is to get another Snover (or any other Pokemon that can breed with Snover) that is not from your language. Other than that, there's nothing else you can do unfortunatley, as the Shiny Charm was not introduced until B2W2.

(If you decide to use another foreign language Pokemon other than Snover, make sure it's male, as the only way to breed Snover eggs is if the female Pokemon is a Snover itself, if that wasn't already obvious. I'd reccomend Ditto, as it can breed with any Pokemon outside of the Undiscovered egg group. Good luck!)

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Thank you for aswering me!  Infortunally the DS Wi-Fi connection does't work since a time ago, so i cant get a international pokémon, so i will try the hard method and wait for the best! Thank you again!
My pleasure!