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Recently I have traided a level 30 sudowoodo for a level 100 shiny gastly (what a deal!) on Pokemon black version 2.

Unfortuantly It is rubbish because the original owner didn't evolve it and so I wanted to breed it to get a level 1 shiny gastly which I can evolve so it gets strong.

The gastly is Japanese and I'm from England and I heard this helps in some way, please give me more info if you can!

So how can I make the baby gastly shiny?


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You probably heard about the Masuda Method.
Instead of the standard 1/8192 chance of being shiny, the method increases it to a 1/1366 chance, which is pretty high considering the previous chance.
The method is to breed 2 foreign Pokemon (meaning 2 Pokemon from 2 different countries) together and producing an egg. That egg has a 1/1366 chance of being a Shiny.


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The Masuda Method lowers the chance down to a whopping (about) 7.32%. Wow.

The initial chance was about .0001% chance.
When you say 2 different country's will my ditto from England count with the Japanese gastly or does it need to be the Japanese gastly and a France ditto?
Any 2 will be fine. So yes.
The game must have been bought in that country. So if I bought a Black 2 in Japan and brought it to the US, it will still be a Japanese game.
As long as you have 2 games bought in 2 different countries, you will be fine.
Thanks, I'm hatching like mad now, thank goodness for my little magby's flame body!
And note, languages do count. So 2 countries speaking the same language will not work.
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Well you have the same chances of getting a shiny as you usually would with normal Pokemon.
But there is a bredding method that splits the unlikley chance down.This is called the Masuda Method.If you breed Pokemon from two diffrent countries,like from U.S. and Japan,this extremly low chance is cut in half.
I hope you get a shiny Gengar!

I hope so too! :D
does the Masuda Method work for any kind of foreign of ditto to my USA pokemon