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If you have a Pokemon Egg in your party, and you walk 'X' number of steps then put a Pokemon with Flame Body/Magma Armor is the equation (Y - X)/2=R or (Y/2) - X=R, with 'Y' being the total number of steps needed to hatch the Egg, 'X' being the number of steps taken before putting the Pokemon with Flame Body/Magma Armor in, and 'R' being the remaining steps needed?

That was gonna be the title, but I thought it'd be too long, and didn't wanna try. If you didn't understand that, I can try to dumb it down a little.

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I understand your equations, and also agree with the posts above. The equation would be Y(total number of steps needed)/2 = R(total number of steps needed), but since you already walked around before adding the Flame Body/Magma Armor Pokemon to your party, the equation would be (Y-X)/2=R, like you said, It wouldn't be (Y/2)-X=R because you're dividing Y first, then subtracting, basically meaning you had a Flame Body/Magma Armor Pokemon in your party, then took it out and walked some more. Hope I helped!

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Well... the basic principle is that anything with Flame Body/ Magma Armour will halve the amount of time needed for an egg to hatch. In your equations:

Y = total no. of steps needed
X = number of steps

^ to me these two seem redundant?

The equation should really just be as simple as:

X÷2 = Y

where X = original number of steps, Y = number of steps with Flame Body/ Magma Armour.

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Well for hatching eggs your Pokemon is already given a number of steps in order hatch, which is represented by X. However with flame body or magma armor the number os steps is reduced in half. The equation should be:


Since Y is representing the number of steps you have left after flame body that should be the answer. Remember flame body and magama armor doesnt stack up.
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