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So I was reading that you have a 19% of getting an egg when you get this saying from the breeders husband "they don't seem to get along" which he tells me about my male delphox and my newly caught didtto. Which made me worry that I would never get a female fennekin or a shiny. I also read that your chances go up to 50% if you trade your ditto with someone ditto, I'm not sure if this is true or not but I would really like someone to help me on this.


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The thing with the 19% chance is true (the specific number is actually 19.8%). However, what that is is actually the chance of your Pokemon having an Egg every 255 steps, not the chance of your Pokemon creating an Egg at all. You don't need to worry, Delphox and Ditto will breed if you walk around a lot.

That's how breeding works. Depending on the Pokemon in the Day Care, there will be a chance that an Egg will be produced every 255 steps. The chance varies according to the species and what OT the Pokemon has. Specific chances are listed here on Bulbapedia.

This is also where the Ditto thing comes in. If you breed a Pokemon with a different Pokemon that is compatible with it, and the other Pokemon has a different OT, the chances of getting an Egg each 255 steps goes to 49.5% (as stated on the link I gave). This works for all Pokemon, not just Ditto.

So you don't need to worry; if your Pokemon are compatible they will eventually breed together.

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No worries Man. A Ditto put with another Pokemon( not ditto ) as far as I know, will always result in an egg(fennekin) even if the daycare man tells you what he told ya.

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Your Pokemon will still eventually breed, though breeding two Pokemon with Different OT numbers does increase the chance of getting an egg. This chance is increased even more if they are same species. So you could try breed two Delphox from two different games, that's the most effective method of trying to get an egg in the daycare.

Of course, you can still breed with Ditto as I'd imagine it'd be hard to get another Delphox, but at least try get a Ditto (or any Pokemon in the Field Egg group for that matter, assuring it's a female) that has a different OT number to your Delphox. The above seems like the most effective way of getting an egg.

Getting a female Fennekin is a one in eight chance, so it shouldn't be too hard unless you're really impatient like I am (xD), however getting a shiny is much more harder. I'd recommend using the Masuda Method, which breeds two Pokemon that are compatible, but also are from different regions. (Like a Japanese Ditto and your supposed English Delphox) This increases the chances significantly, and it's a very effective way of getting a shiny Fennekin through breeding.

Hope I helped. :)
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