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As if they weren't on the covers of the games....
yeah that's what I thought forgot to add that also your comment is basically a answer so why didn't you say it as a answer? Also I know this is a stupid question but I didn't need a devote.
I'm not that kind of person that gives up so easily.......
Everyone, please stop adding inane comments and arguments to this question. I know it's a noobish question but not everyone knows the mascots are the ones on the cover.
everyone just stop making rude comments on this question (also you guys make me feel like a complete idiot.......)
My apologies for downvoting you at first connorg (although I removed the downvote a few minutes after I gave it) and for my rudeness. Just because something is obvious to me does not make it obvious to another person in the same way that just because something is obvious to another person does not mean it is obvious to me.
thanks and sorry for calling you a idiot.

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enter image description here

If you look above those are the mascots. Just to let you know the mascot is always in the front of the game with the exception to side games.

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Actually, HeartGold did come after Diamond/Pearl. :P
Not my point... I listed in the order of pokemon given out xP Yes I know HeartGold/SoulSilver came out after those two.
cool story bro.
Why thank you :P
wait you aren't a bro your a girl (I hope) so um............