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well [usa] ash lost at the unova leage and its over so they are going to do best wishes?

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Is best wishes the name of an episode?
No it's the name of the series for Black and White. N the Champion I think Adventures in Unova is Best Wishes but idk
Well, they still have a while in Unova. They've yet to introduce Cheren (if even possible), and they've totally blew off Team Plasma, so that's going to be a series of episodes that most likely will lead up to the release of the Eeveelution movie, meaning Virgil probably would continue to aid them on their journey.
Not to mention that there is still, and always, episodes after Ash looses at the Pokemon leagues.
As for Best Wishes, I know that's the name of the season, but I'm pretty sure that already occurred. Don't take my word on any of this, though. Just info from what I know.
@ Rio
They are going to introduce cheren. It is called "There's a new Gym Leader in Town!"
How did I know?
look at the last announced episode, and you will see a picture of Cheren, Ash, and Oshawott.

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There will be more Unova episodes - the Japanese ones are still airing.

Next up will be the arc introducing & centring on N.

Source: I watch the subbed version & here: Best Wishes: Episode N arc announced (contains spoilers, and the links the article leads to will contain more spoilers)

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sorry for the wait i forgot about this question thanks
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We have 18 episodes ahead of us.
Only 3 names announced for english, but all have been announced for Japan.

All episodes of Pokemon are here:

The new episodes are at the very end. The episode names are there, but not any extra detail about them. If you click the name of the episodes, you will get a small amount of information on the episodes.

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