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Final Edit: I'm sorry for the hostility I put forth in this topic. I've deleted it, for the course not having any more reason for it. I've discovered the issue that it was centric mostly in Ruby and my problems happened rarely in the later games. For those of you who offered help, I thank you greatly for it. I apologize for my rude behavior and hope that I can be forgiven.

For the others who reacted to my hostility, I'm sorry for pushing your buttons. Thank you all for your help.

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Can you give us an example of one of the scenarios please.
The hypnotize may "seem" to not affect their pokemon because it has low accuracy and misses.
I know the difference between 'Missed' and 'It doesn't effect'.
Sandshrew shouldn't get paralyzed xP
I fixed my mistake. I often confuse Shockwave with Thunder Wave. Boy do I have egg on my face.

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I will write up some of the moves and abilities here that you may be having problems with,

Confuse Ray - Ghost type - It will affect normal types
Hypnosis - Psychic type - It will affect Dark types
Leech Seed - Grass type - It will Not affect other grass types
Mean Look - Normal type - It will affect Ghost types
Poison Gas - Poison type - It will Not affect steel types or poison types
Poison Powder - Poison Type - It will Not affect Steel or poison types
Roar - Normal Type - It will affect Ghost types
Skill Swap - psychic type - It will affect Dark type
Swagger - normal type - it Will affect ghost types
Thunder Wave - Electric type - it will not affect ground or electric types
Will-O-Wisp - Fire Type - it will not affect Fire types
Toxic - Poison Type - it will not affect steel or Poison types

If Im missing anything feel free to comment and I can edit.

As to your Ground types being affected by electric moves Im not sure. But again the above status moves may be some of the problems you're having.

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Thanks for the list. I did find a few in here I hadn't known before, so I'm actually grateful for this answer.
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Ok,I did some research and I found something.

Certain moves are effective to a type they are normally unefective.For example.Sand-Attack is the only Ground-type move that can hit Flying-type Pokémon under normal circumstances, since most status moves are exempt from type matchups.Hypnosis is effective to dark types.They will both hit since they are not damage dealing moves,they are status moves

Now,as for Toxic on steel and Thunder Wave on ground,it's not normal for that to happen.And as Babothegreat said,the opponent may have Synchronise.

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A: I've come to terms that my copies are glitching.

B: I never said that I caused status effects that were then backfired thanks to synchronize. I was pretty clear about stating that the moves were working on mine, but not on opponents.
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Are you sure they are using the attacks you mentioned? Because they might be using the ability synchronize or static on you.

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It's not game breaking, it's just annoying and I'm trying to find out why it's happening. Hell, the way you just said, it seems to only happen to me. I must be a malfunction magnet.
Yeah :/ and I can understand why it's annoying. But if there is a game that you bought recently and can still return, try it because some games can come off the shelf with problems, and you're the unlucky guy who got them all.
I most recently got Black 2, and though I have had the problems with the prior games, those were my issues. I haven't gotten very far into Black 2 yet. I'm currently running a Nuzlocke on White and after checking my previous games for this very glitch, It was fully brought to my attention. Black 2 hasn't posed any problems yet.
- Thunderwave should not affect Ground type Pokemon. However, Ground type Pokemon can get Paralysed via an opponent's Static ability.
- Hypnosis only has a 60% accuracy rate, so it's still liable to miss your opponent. You've just been unlucky.

Also, the early games have a lot of glitches. The later ones, even Gen V, do as well, but they're less common (from my own experience).
I know the difference between 'The attack missed' and 'It doesn't effect' When I use Hypnosis on a dark type, and I read the text prompt and it says 'It does not effect Wild [insert Pokemon without Vital Spirit or Insomnia here]' I'm fairly certain that does not mean I missed. I know that's probably not what it says verbatim, but you get the basic gist. I use it, the game tells me that it doesn't effect the dark type I used it on.
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Excusing your relative rudeness, you should also be aware that some trainer Pokemone have items, which could ensure your moves are useless. As for the wild Pokemon, there are a few with abilities which defy typing, such as rampardos, who has mold breaker which means he can use any type of move on any Pokemon. ( example: rampardos can use ground against flying, and normal against ghost.)

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To make a small correction, this mainly applies to the other types abilities, such as levitate etc. and is probably one of the main reason the npc's hit you.
I am sorry for my hostility, but as I said previously, if there had been any abilities involved that would have stopped the problem, I wouldn't be having this issue. I made it rather clear with examples I have dealt with. I am aware of what Mold Breaker does, but Sandshrew, Pidgey, and Purrloin do not have Mold Breaker.

I'm happy you have brought it to my attention, but this isn't a case of 'That's not fair Pokemon, why u so cheating!'. This is a case of; I have run into something that has no logical explination to it, and it seems to happen in every game I play.

So when I use Hypnotize on a wild Purrloin, and the game legitimately states 'It doesn't effect it', this isn't Mold Breaker, or Chesto Berry, or "Hold item say what?" this is a case of some kind of glitch that i always find.