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I keep receiving telepathy saying there's a detour near me, but I can't find anything. How do I find them?


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Detours are the areas in a mystery dungeon found behind gates, vines, ice, or poison gas. When it says you recieved (Pokemon's name) telepathy, theres a detour near you, that means you are on the same exact floor the detour is on. You need a key to open the gates, but the key needs to match the color of the gate. EX: Red gate is opened with red key. The ones behind vines ice and poison don't need a key.
Edit: Vines are possible to get rid of with a grass type. You need a poison type for poison gas and you need an ice type for the ice. Also there are golden P gates, where you need a certain amount of P to open them.
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Thanks! But how do you get through vines and poison?