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So I can't find the answer to this anywhere-- and the only page I've found so far that even acknowledges the character exists has no item list!

There's a Drilbur that can set up a sort of shop in Paradise, to dig for treasure.
Does anyone happen to have a full list of what he can bring back for each price group?

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I can't read Japanese, so that link is pointless.
Do you think we are japanese??  dont think it is very useful to add a link that is japanese
You don't need to be able to read to see the point-- that it's empty. They've found the price levels, but nothing else. It's just proof of research, that I'm not coming here out of laziness.

:/ But the sad fact is, outside of that one site, no combination of drilbur, gates, magnagates, infinity, pokemon, dig, or treasure will turn up any relevant results. Even Bulbapedia and Serebii don't mention the shop's possible.
I can't be the only person outside of Japan who's run into this...

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Well, there is no direct supporting evidence of Drilbur opening a shop in Paradice on either serebii or bulbapedia, the two sources that I know of. Yet, I found a sliver of hope on the shop: Salvage Treasure. A likely shop for Drilbur. ([Source][1]) Serebii explains that it is a mini game that enables you to get items like stones.

On the link you shared, I could read (thanks to Chrome) and make the judgement of that Drilbur will appear when you dig with a tool and offer to dig to find more tools at a price. Deeper Drilbur goes the more you have to pay. You can tell how far Drilbur can dig with the respective prices. The deeper you send Drilbur, the more likely you would find Pokemon tools.

I hope I helped.
[1]: http://www.serebii.net/dungeoninfinity/pokemonparadise.shtml

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Sadly, "Salvage Treasure" is Starmie's shop-- and one you can have Gurdurr build for you whenever you feel like.
The lack of information on Serebii or Bulbapedia was actually what brought me here.

For proof that he exists, I can supply this:
but I've used up my digging runs already as he's found a dungeon, "Treasure Trove", which is again something not listed on any sites.

Thank you, though, for trying~ ;w;
I just can't get over how odd it is that this thing's nearly unknown...
Alright, that make sense why I couldn't find Drilbur in the Gates of Infinity articles. I hope at least the second part of my answer is of your liking.