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Only the main regions (Kanto. Johto, Hoenn, Sinoh, and Unova) Unova Black 2 and White 2 Johto and Kanto SS and HG. Thank wu in advance!

Do you also want included people like Youngsters? Like, specifically their names and everything? Or is just the main NPCs okay?
All NPC's
Clarifying to make sure: So I take that as for example, including to count Youngster Joey, right?
Well yes
And, Im so so so sorry for bothering you again, but when you put "Unova Black 2 and White 2 Johto and Kanto SS and HG"
^You meant that you want HGSS's Kanto and Johto, and not Firered/Leafgreen or any other game's Kanto, or Gold and Silver Johto. You want HGSS Kanto and Johto. And then for Unova, you want us to be counting BW2, not BW(1), correct?
Kanto and Johto SS and HG, Unova Black 2 and White 2, Hoenn Ruby Sapphire and Emerald, any more Q's?
Oh and Sinoh Diamond, Platinum or Pearl

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Kanto : 400 citizents
Johto : 893 citizents
Hoenn : 598 citizents
Unova : 804 citizents
Sinnoh : 1459 citizents

So, Sinnoh is the the Region with the most people

Source : Bulbapedia

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Ikr? Hoenn is my favourite Region, by far. Next is probably Johto/Kanto. Sinnoh and Unova suck imo :D
Oh come on....You got to at least show a little respect for Sinnoh :P It rocks !
lets wait and see how many more people will be in the sixth generation of pokemon!
Thank u so much ^-^
no problem ;)