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I thought of this question because in school we were learning about the 7 wonders of the world and I was thinking of Pokemon :P

Nice question
I don't really think this question has an answer......
i think the same spacefishflygon but a tower in X and Y looks like the eiffel tower

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It's not an infrequent question. There's a discussion topic here:


Of course, there's no definite answer. My personal 7 are:

i. Magikarp
ii. The fact that Koga and Janine's scarves always look like they're blowing in the wind.
iii. The amount of Pokemon shippers there are.
iv. How the tables and cooking equipment magically appear when Dent makes meals in the middle of nowhere, despite only carrying a backpack half the size of his torso.
v. Officer Jenny and her lack of usefulness.
vi. Did the Pokemon or the egg exist first?
vii. Ash's stupidity.

If we're talking about places:

i. Temporal Tower
ii. Cinnabar Island
iii. Safari Zone
iv. Brass Tower
v. Mt. Coronet
vi. Celestial Tower
vii. Chargestone Cave

That's my serious answer. :I

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...and Diglette's arms?
Ah okay
What about everyone's age staying the same for 16 seasons?
i'd say the amount of nurse joy's in the world is a wonde indeed
Yup, Ash's stupidity is DEFINITELY a wonder! LOL.
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i know that this was ansewered a long time ago but here it goes

-lake of the sunne(Neby/doudou)
-alter of the moon(Neby/doudou)
-bell tower(ho oh)
-vast poni Canyon(because)
-birth island(Mew)
-dragonspiral tower(suprisingly good cut scene graffix)
-brass tower/burned tower(suicune/raikou/entie)

the reason I only suggested places is because that was the actual 7 wonders of the world