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My Weavile knows ice punch, night slash, dig, and aerial ace. He has an adamant nature and has ev trained attack and speed. His defenses are to weak for a fighting type move defensive berry and I don't want a focus sash. I was thinking maybe something to boost his power.


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A Razor Claw (raises critical hit chance) would be good if you want to take advantage of night slash. You can get a critical hit from a STAB night slash, which would do a ton of damage coming off of Weavile's high attack. A life orb could boost his power through the roof, at the cost of health every turn. A choice band or scarf can raise his attack and speed respectively, but locks him into one move.

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A soothe bell or an amulet coin. a soothe bell because it calms the holder and makes it friendlier or an amulet coin because it doubles a battles prize money if the pokemon holding the amulet coin joins in.