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i'm working on training a weavile, but for the battle tower use which should I have it hold: razor claw or razor fang? my weavile has icepunch, dig, night slash and poison jab for a move set and I know it can get crit. hits easy, so should I further better the odds or add flinching into the scenario? I honestly cant decide, and whichever I dont give weavile, i'll give to my infernape, who has brick break, focus blast, blaze kick and thunder punch, so consider that when answering please.


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Give it a Life Orb. 30% increased damage is going to be far more useful than a 10% flinch/crit increase.

If need be, go with the increased crit chance with Claw, seeing as Night Slash has an increased crit rate already. So you can crit a fair amount.

Also give Infernape a Life Orb. As I said, 30% power increase is much more useful.

I would also suggest improving the movesets. See the links for help.

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why does everyone use a lifeorb? thats nuts! i dont like hurting my pokemon, and i like my move sets, they worked perfectly fine in the castle and ive already gotten past battle 28 in the battle tower. ive been having weavile hold the expert belt, but the three i'm working with includes a persian with max atk and sp. atk with thunderbolt, icebeam, shadow ball and seed bomb, and i figured it needed it more...
Regardless of whether it hurts your pokemon, a 30% power boost is nothing to scoff at.
if you don't use life orb, your pokemon will just get killed in one shot
Using life orb makes your pokemon live longer