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Just wondering, because Weavile doesn't get a good physical Ice move easily, and Sneasler has STAB Close Combat, but I see Weavile used more often in Hisui playthroughs.

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This is for in-game playthrough right?
Yes, although post-game content (if necessary to answer) is appreciated.

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It really depends on your team, and where you are in the game. If you chose Typlosion or Samurott, it's probably better to choose Sneasler, as your team already has an edge over Grass, Psychic, and Ghost (Typhlosion) or Ground, Psychic, and Ghost (Samurott), and Sneasler takes care of Fairy, Dark, Normal, Ice, Rock and Steel.

If you chose Decidueye, though, you already have a Fighting type, and a Poison type isn't super useful. However, a Weavile works well to take out the pesky Ghost, Psychic, and Flying Pokemon.

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Thanks for your help, I will take notes of this next time I want to do a playthrough of LA