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Which one for a new playthrough?

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  • Can be obtained as early as the Crimson Mirelands
  • High physical attack
  • Good Coverage
  • Typing is mid defensively


  • Can be obtained as early as the Obsidian Fieldlands, however will most likely be obtained in the Cobalt Coastlands
  • Stats aren't terrible, could be better
  • A LOT of coverage
  • Typing is mid defensively

Hisuian Braviary

  • Can be obtained in the Alabaster Icelands, found no earlier
  • Stats aren't as good overall as Wyrdeer
  • Not much coverage it can take advantage of
  • Typing isn't great defensively

It depends on your team, however I believe that, when only able to choose one, Kleavor is generally the best option due to its offensive capabilities. I still think you should use a psychic type, though. I used Braviary simply for its ground immunity, although Wyrdeer is bulkier and can take advantage of both attack stats unlike Braviary, on top of Wyrdeer being much easier to access.

Tl;dr, if only one can be used, use Kleavor. If two Pokemon being used is possible, Wyrdeer is ideal, although Braviary isn't useless.

As final movesets go:

Swords Dance
Stone Axe
Close Combat/False Swipe

Calm Mind
Double Edge/Hyper Beam
Psyshield Bash/Extrasensory
Coverage Move (Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, or physical counterparts.)/Hypnosis

Esper Wing
Air Slash
Dazzling Gleam
Roost/Mystical Fire

Note that most of these coverage moves are tutor moves.
Source: Kleavor, Wyrdeer and Braviary's respective pages on the Pokemon Database.

Hope this helped at least a little!

Edit: Changed some movesets based on a comment on this answer.

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On Wyrdeer, I’ve found that Extrasensory is better than Psychic because it has high speed, and Hypnosis gives it good in-game utility for weakening aggressive Pokémon for capture, although False Swipe on Kleavor does the same.
Now that I think about it, @KRLW might be right