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Which of the three grass types above shall I use?

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According to base stats, Leafeon is best for L.A. Its attack and defence is the best.
Lilligant is also pretty good for its signature move Victory Dance which increases both its offensive and defensive stats as well as giving it a hard hitting stance (which increases damage by 50%). Though it requires a turn to setup, two boosts to its offense is pretty good, defensive boost keeps them from being wasted, and it can immediately use a boosted drain punch to regain health lost from the first turn.
Paresect for early game unless you can find a Eevee  very early on which is possible but rare.then once you catch a petilile dig for a sun stone and evolve it.
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lets just say that parasect is the wrong answer

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Since I have not played pla I cannot judge this but. In base stats, type and movepool Paras is 3rd With a bug grass typing and a bst of 405 and a mediocre moveset the best it can do is heal itself. 2nd is leafeon, Sure it may have high attack but it´s good moves are special attack and with a special attack of 60 it isn´t very good at that. In First place is Hisuian Lilligant, It learns leafage at level 5 stun spore and poison powder between level 9 and 15 which are both good support moves and at level 29 it learns sleep powder and at level 34 it learns stab drain punch and arround that time it also learns leaf blade and also recover a reliable way to recover from taking a hit from victory dance that they lear at level 42 and at level 57 they learn stab close combat that if you use victory dance is good.

Lilligant has a nice spread. The annoying thing is that it gets killed quickly because of her not so great hp, defence, or sp.defence and weaknesses, AKA a glass cannon.
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I know I'm late but I have played the game and it really depends leafeon is more for defence while liligant is more offence and it gets things like close combat and poison jab and its signature move victory dance in my opinion liligant but if you need defence go leafeon.