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I’ve just got Pokémon Legends: Arceus and and I’m already in a predicament.
I have both an Alpha Graveler and a Haunter obtained through a Space-time Distortion so I’m wondering who to choose?

Thanks in advance.

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After reviewing most of the major battles in the game (I won't spoil anything), I think Gengar would be more beneficial to you. It's STAB Poison typing in particular can help out with a lot of different fights. The big ones that it can help out with (Again, while avoiding spoilers) are the second and fourth nobles, along with a couple of major trainer battles. Although there are certain situations where Golem would be the better pick, I find Gengar to have a better advantage. I'd still use a ground or water type on your team, however, so maybe you could use both if possible?

For a final moveset, I'd use something like this;

Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse
Venoshock/Sludge Bomb

This game gets really tricky at times, so good luck!

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Thanks dude
Chances are
I just found a shiny Haunter
So this is perfect
Congrats on the shiny!!