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I'm on Poni Island on my Ultra Moon playthrough and I don't have anything good against Fairy. Which is better for Fairy types?

It depends, have you done the Ground Grand Trial yet?
no i havent
Okay, so, pass the ground trial, and then get a Magnezone, as Magnezone is super weak to Ground. Maybe get one, but switch it out for something else or just don't use it in the battle.

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I'd go Magnezone. Assuming you have passed the Ground Trial, it's really good since it has a resistance to the Dragon Trial, a super effective STAB to the Fairy Trial, as well as resistance. It also has super effective STAB to the Flying E4, as well as being resistant to a bunch of the E4 STAB, like Olivia. Also, if you picked Incineroar, against Hau's Vaporeon, and resistant to a bunch of his STAB Moves. It also has really good Stats and Moves, I myself used one up until I got Solgaleo in my Sun Game. Ooh, and I forgot, since your right there in Vast Poni Canyon, that's the electric field for Magnezone.

Source: Experience, and the Magnezone page, and the E4 USUM Serebii page.

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Or, since you're playing USUM, Blush Mountain is also an electric field.