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Ok so I was looking at Hochkrow and the super luck ability seemed op. So if I did this math correctly is this right?

Ability=1/8 crit hit ratio
Critical hit boosting item such as razor fang=1/4
Night slash=1/2 crit hit ratio

Did I do this right and if so is there a way to get a crit hit every time(without focus energy)
If I did do this wrong please fix it and tell me the calacutions.

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Yep! Your Honchkrow will critically hit every time it attacks. However, your calculations are wrong.

When a move/item/ability increases critical hit ratio, it actually is increasing it by stages, not fractions. For example, a move with a high critical hit ratio (Stone Edge, Night Slash) increases the chance by one stage. Each of these stages have different chances to critically hit, and they can be found here. I explain this more elaborately here.

Source: Above Links & Experience

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Focus Energy, Razor Claw and Sniper are an OP crit every time strategy (only Kingdra and Octillery can do it though :(