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I want an Absol that will evade Super Effective attacks, and manage a lot of Crit Hits. I need the move set to have One Evade Move, One Accuracy Lowering Move and One Defence/Sp Defence/Speed Highering (Sorry if I spelt that wrong :P) Move. I'm in Pokemon X&Y, the Absol has the ability Super Luck,I want an item that raises Crit Hit rate/Evasiveness, And I want the move set to have Night Slash in it.

Sorry if this is too much but Please answer if you can, I would be very grateful! :P


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This is a very specific set for an Absol, it was kinda hard to figure ot out but I did and here are the results.

Evade Moves: Absol's movepool is so limited to suck moves. The only evade moves he learns are Protect and Detect. They are pretty much identical in what they do so the option is yours to choose which one.

Accuracy Moves: The only move that Absol can learn that lowers accuracy is Flash. Yes I have checked and that is all. So looks like its just not being used for lighting up caves anymore :P

Stat Raising Move: Sadly Absol learns any moves that raises any of those stats, but he does learn Sword Dance (+2 Attack stat stages) which can help in boosting that Crit attack. He can also learn Hone Claws which can also be beneficial (+1 Attack stat and +1 Accuracy stat). You can land Crits more easily with Hone Claws but Sword Dance will allow you to do more damage. Still its up to your preference.

Crit Move: I personally think that Night Slash is an excellent choice for your crit move. 100% accuracy and 70% damage + STAB. Its great indeed.

Item: Scope Lens and Razor Claw are both items that increases the critical hit ratio. Which onne to use is your peference.

Ability: Super Luck is an awsome ability to have simce we are trying to take well advantage of the Crit hit possibility.

Side Note: Sorry about not being able to raise the Defense/Special Defense/Speed stat but here I suggest something. Have a screen setup before you switch into Absol. Light Screen and Reflect should help out with that problem. As it goes for Speed, tailwing could be a option, or you could go with a Speed Boost Baton Passer (Scolipede). Or if your feeling really lucky, look for a Pokemon that learns Quiver Dance and Baton Pass. This is all based off of setup so the results may vary, choose your timing right and it just might work. When it does you will surely have a tank on your hands



I thought he meant like an evasive move = Double Team, for example
I though he meant like to protect himself
Whatever. Double Team or Protect/ Detect, whichever it is he/ she meant X3
P.S. Hone claws has nothing to do with critical hits, accuracy and Crits are unrelated.
But if it can land more hits (Accuracy) more Crits might happen
If the opponents uses, say, double team, it wont always hit. Only moves like disarming voice ALWAYS hit (with the exception of fly, dive, etc.)