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Whoops, made a mistake. Skitty can be found in the castelia park in white 2 but not in black 2.Pikachu cannot be obtained in the wild. Pachirisu can be found in the hidden grotto in route 3. Houndoom cant be caught in white 2.

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You are wrong if you go to the sewers to the grassy bit u can find skittys and eevees aswell
castelia park is that bit of the sewers.
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Black 2 White 2 Castelia City


Cannot be obtained in the wild

Houndoom / Houndour

Cannot be found in wild


Cannot be found in wild

Sorry. but hope I helped xD

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pachirisu is at the pokemon hidden grotto @ the route between nacrene and daycare, Ik it from my official pokemon bw2 guide book