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I didn't see many for NU either, so why not?

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I'll put up sets later.

Primeape, Sawk, Jynx, Basculin, Braviary, Charizard, Exeggutor, Haunter, Rotom-F, Rotom-S.

I may have missed some.

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LOL I knew you would answer the NU one xD
Alright, it's been a week, just saying, so can you update this soon?
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lel banded emolga's actually really good

Emolga @ Choice Band
Adamant Nature
EVs in Attack and Speed
-Wild Charge
-Aerial Ace
-Knock Off

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try choice banded sawk @sturdy.

move set:

close combat amazing with sturdy /choice band.

stone edge coverage.

earth quake good coverage.

ice punch for weekness.

so with this set you hit every thing with super afective but spycic ghost and water.

so sawk is awesome a persenol favorite


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