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Well, I reckon it's about time to get one of the new games. At first I was pretty hostile against Generation 5, and just didnt like the approach and felt the Pokemon were running out of creaativity.

However, It's been quite a few years since I last bought Heart Gold, and the Poke cravin' is starting to build. I may just cave and buy a new one

(I'll put my 3DS to more use, considering the only game that I have for it -and the reason I bought it - is The Legend Of Zelds Ocarina Of Time)


Should I get B/W, or B/W 2? Is the 2nd version ok to play wthout the first? Is it Better overall? The Deoxys event sure is attractive as well.....

Or is it best to go with the original versions?

EDIT: is there any significant Storyline/Important event that will make 2 difficult to understand without the originals? or are they both pretty stand-alone?

Thanks guys, all good answers, im leaning more towards b/w2 now

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I'll be honest. I liked Pearl best because the VS seeker allowed you to mess around with mon and experiment with new moves. Black doesn't have that, which severely hurt the replayability for me. Hell, hardly any trainers in Black can be fought again, and grinding in tall grass is boring.

I recommend B2. There are more Pokemon to catch, more trainers to rebattle (not many, but more) and a larger area to mess around in. The only downsides are a somewhat poor map layout (after a point they carve up the old Black map and only let you explore bits of it when the E4 are beaten) and that the daycare is only accessible post-league.

I still think B2 is a better choice, though, as it has more variety in it's Pokemon and more ways to mess around with them, like the competition dome in B2's Driftveil. It expands on Black is what i'm saying, and I had more fun in Black 2. Story in Pokemon was always secondary to the gameplay for me, but B2's story is about as good as Black's was if you're interested.

Plus, you can get a new (kinda) legendary Pokemon in-game in B2 that's not in Black, in addition to two of the legendaries from Black.

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In my opinion the 2nd game was very good. However I think it would be worth getting the first one because the 2nd one will make more sense if you play the first one.

As to which of the two versions to get well, that's a tough one. If you like the idea of a fire dragon type go with Black 1. If you prefer a lightning dragon type go White 1.
And then go with the same color version for versions 2

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In all reality it depends on your strategy.
If you were planning on grinding through the league with some non-unova Pokemon you want to go with B2/W2 because the normal versions have all unova Pokemon that made veterans rethink their strategies to beat the game.
Like Mechanism L said BW2 adds on to BW and both games were boring to me Post-game since there is almost no storyline (the only real "Sidequest" was the lost Xtranciever and after that nothing) and there are very little places to train in black and white due to not including the Xtranciever.
Black and White 2 have the memory link (adding 2 more battles that you might remember if you played BW) they also have the tower/treehollow that you can grind your Pokemon through with a shiny gible/dratini when you beat it completely.
In all reality I never liked either game (and X and Y doesn't look any better when mewtwo's wish to but his butt on his head came true) But if you want more of a explorable place and more post-story gameplay go with B2/W2 but BW if you want some storyline before you play the 2's (since some storyline intertwines)