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Not LC. I may sound crazy, but I have a Deep-Sea-Scale, and Clamperls learn Iron Defense- that means I can make it a wall. I also have Ice Beam for grass-types and Surf and Clamp are good too. Is it strong enough for competetive battling? I have confidence in it!

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Honestly, I'd use Deepseatooth with Clamperl on an NU Trick Room team. Then just put Surf, Ice Beam, and Aqua Ring. with a max Special Attack stat of 572 after DST, Clamperl will be doing really well under the influence of Trick Room.

So competitively, Clamperl can be used in NU (Wouldn't push it with UU, but it's possible), but needs the right support to be a viable option.

EDIT: Sheesh, I only put THREE moves...-_-
For the fourth move, you want Whirlpool / Clamp. You don't the opponent to switch in a stronger Pokemon. BE a clam, and trap your prey.

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Yes, it is considered good enough for use in Neverused. Anything higher though and you will fall (perhaps Underused can use it but highly unlikely.)

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While it is powerful, it's like the situation with pikachu and the light ball: it's good, but there are stronger pokemon out there. There are plenty of water types who can easily outdo Clampearl.

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