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besides the most obvious ones like the bike and such


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  • Bicycle: from man in the pier when you enter Castelia City
  • Dark Stone: From N after you defeat him in N's Castle
  • Dowsing Machine: Bianca gives it to you at Castelia Gate
  • Gracidea: From Striaton city Pokemon center after showing a fateful encounter shaymin
  • Pal Pad: obtained from beginning
  • Prop Case: obtained from man in musical hall
  • Super Rod: obtained from Cedric Juniper in Nuvema Town
  • Town Map: obtained from Hughs sister
  • VS recorder: obtained from Nate/Rosa after double battle in front of Battle subway
  • Xtransceiver: in bag at beginning
  • Colress machine: obtained from colress in front of terrakion
  • DNA splicer: dropped by kyurem after battle
  • Dropped item: nimbasa city by pikachu balloon
  • Grubby Hanky: Cafe warehouse
  • Lunar Wing: from strange house in top and center room
  • Magma Stone: route 18
  • Medal Box: Flocessy town after defeating two school kids in alder's house
  • Oval Charm: from proffessor Juniper after completing unova dex
  • Permit: From professor juniper after seeing every Pokemon in new unova dex
  • Plasma Card: plasma frigate
  • Reveal Glass: abundant shrine after showing landorus-therain form
  • shiny charm: professor juniper after completing national dex

Note: I included all key items because I didnt know to what extent you meant by obvious ones.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_key_items_in_Generation_V

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