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Advice on how to breed a happini?

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I need help to breed a happini,I tried to breed my chansey with ditto at the daycare ,but instead I got another chansey. Does chansey need to hold an item to breed? Or do I need to breed Blissey in order to get happini?

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To get a Happiny, you have to breed a Chansey/Blissey with a Luck Incense.

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Happiny = Chansey/Blissey + Luck Incense + Ditto

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Luck Incense: An item to be held by a Pokémon. It doubles a battle's prize money if the holding Pokémon joins in.
If a Pokémon that is holding this item is sent into a Trainer battle, the money earned from the battle is doubled.
If attached to a Chansey or Blissey and put in the breeding centre with a compatible father, the baby will hatch into an Happiny.

You find a Luck Incense on:
> Ravaged Path
> Kanto: Vermillion City
> Driftveil City

Source (1): I'm a breeder
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Source (3): Bulbipedia


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