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I was playing showdown and it was near the end of the battle. My opponent was down to a 5% whimsicott well I still had three full health mons left so the win was practically mine. But then I was disconnected from the server. Does this count as a loss for me?

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You have a good few minuets to reconnect. So when you do disconnect press refresh to reload the page and take you to the same battle room. If you fail to reconnect you loose due to battle timer/inactivity unless your opponent also fails to complete the 2 minuets or so of waiting. As soon as the timer hits 0 while your opponent is in the lobby still you loose and the ladder updates so make sure you refresh.

It can be glitchy sometimes not allowing you to pick a move once reconnected.

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this happened to me when I was on kupo I got disconnected like 5 times your oponent might leave so to them it might count as a loss

hope I helped!

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