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A friend of mine uses AR codes, and we sometimes trade Pokemon just to swap items. One time, he gave me hacked Master Ball so catching Uxie wouldn't be so hard, and nothing bad happened to my game. I was wondering if it was even possible.

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No it will not affect your game, but I strongly recommend that you don't do it often. Because the chances are small but just to avoid trouble I would suggest that you don't do it to often

yeah, I did do it often.
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It depends on what item it is. But a simple item that a Pokemon can hold won't hurt your game. If its a consumable ex: a Rare Candy or a Pokeball of sorts it's fine. Also holdable items won't hurt you but Key Items might as it goes into the normal items part of your bag.

Source: experience

Ahhh. Have you ever gotten messed up from it? (just curious)
No, in Platinum I hacked in items a lot nothing bad ever happened. In B/W I did the same I got Casteliacones and a bunch of Liberty Passes in my items pocket and they would not disappear not matter how hard I tried xP at least I get a lot of money, nothing serious but I was stuck with those two in my items pouch.
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It is. It can really mess whith your game. It happened with my old Pearl game. it fromze a ton. If you dont want your game messed up, I sugges to not get any hacked Pokemon or items.


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