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I'm using a site called Whack A Hack, along with books and a few other sources to figure how to code and make my own Pokemon game. Will doing so mess up my system if I do not code it correctly? (DS Lite or Gameboy Advance SP)

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thanks guys.
Miah gave me some info on ROMs, but couldn't help with the other stuff.
oh ok... it was worth a try
Best of luck to you! Make sure to have many trials to iron out everything
Thank you!

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Well, I Cannot give you an exact answer, but only what I would do If I were in your place.
First, I would go onto sites like Scratch, Game maker and other sites like that to get some practice. Followed up by Try to make it on a disc. Next, I would try to make it on a Ds game cartilage. I would then advise taking to the game to some of a "Gaming Expert" (Like someone who knows a lot about making games to see if it will work Etc., If you know someone like that)
and if it passes the all clear check I would say It will work fine. If not, ask what the problem is and edit it to make it work properly.

I'm Sorry if I didn't give a Satisfactory answer to you.

Hope I helped! :)

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Well, it didn't exactly answer it but it did help. Thanks!