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I don't hack, and never will for personal gain. But I'm really curious about Pokegen, so I want to use it, just to see what it's like. I won't trade the Pokemon or anything.

But my question is: will using Pokegen mess up my game? I heard here was a very small chance.
Also..If it does mess up my game, can that be reversed by deleting the save data?

Thanks in advance.


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I used PokeGen for a long time on my SS, W, and B2 and traded PokeGen'd Pokemon to other users on this site.

It is ok to use.

Just a tip: Do not let the Pokemon go straight to your party. Always have 6 Pokemon in your party before getting your PokeGen'd Pokemon so it goes straight to your PC. Once, a Pokemon went to my party and it had no moves. But, I just put it in the PC and it was fixed.

Source: Plenty of Experience

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Wow, thanks!
and when you pokegen make your pokemon legit.
For an excample- don't make Emboar learn surf or
Charmander with fly...
Well, as I said, I'm not going to be trading them or battling with them or anything, so that doesn't really matter.