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Okay so this person I met wants to trade with me, he has some pretty cool Pokemon but I don't trust him completely because he uses Pokesav and Pokegen. I'm concerned that if I trade one of my legit Pokemon, it could be for a hacked Pokemon. This would be really bad for me as Pokesav and Pokegen Pokemon can't compete in Global Tournaments such as the International Challenge.

I'm not saying that Pokesav/ Pokegen is a bad thing, in fact it seems to be quite effective in terms of getting the Pokemon you want easily for competing in Wifi Battles.

However I am more focused on Global Tournaments at the moment (as I have never been in one) so I'm concerned that trading for Pokesav/ Pokegen Pokemon may hurt my chances.

I'm pretty certain that Pokesav and Pokegen Pokemon can't be traded, however I'm still hesitant about trading with this person until I'm 100% certain.

So can Pokesav/ Pokegen Pokemon be traded?

I'm pretty sure, I see Pokemon that look hacked on the GTS all the time o3o

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They can
Sourve: I've had friends trade me Pokemon made through PokeSav and Pokegen before.

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Cheers, Have you tried competing in Global Tournaments?
Nah :P
Alright, thanks anyway :)
sometimes it won't let you compete them in tournements
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Pokémon from Poke'sav / Poke'gen can only be traded if they are completely legit, which means :

  • They need to know moves they can actually learn. If you make a Breloom that knows Blue Flare, it's not legit.
  • They need to have abilities that they can actually posses. If you make a Reshiram with Wonder Guard, it's not legit.
  • If you make a Pokémon with Egg Moves, you have to make it so that it hatched from an egg.
  • It has to be at a fair level. If you have a Lv. 1 Zekrom, it's not legit, because it can only be obtained at Lv. 50 and up.

I've traded Poke'gen - made Pokémon before. So yes it is possible.
Well, this is unfortunately all that I know. Hope this somewhat helps.

Source : Experience

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I used Poke'gen Pokémon in the 2013 Global Showdown, too.