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My friend and I discovered this program, and he said that if we set the Pokemon up to seem like it has been caught and/or hatched through regular gameplay, we can enter the Pokemon we got from the program in a VGC tournament. We made a Shiny breloom last night, and I saw no suspicion in it's OT and stats. Will Pokemon from PokeGen pass the Hack Checks in these competitive tourneys, or can they easily be spotted and so you wont be able to participate? Smogon has been down for two weeks, so I can't find a straight answer for this...

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Probably because it isn't true. :P
If anybody starts to pull out numbers without any actual data to back it up, it probably isn't true.
trachy, would you mind giving me more details about pokegen data? For example, if i adjust the stats so that i caught a thundurus on route 10 at level 40 on august 14 2011, then would it be able to compete in nationals? I set the EVs and IVs to meet the conditions of the rules of the tournament, and i can't tell whether or not that thundurus would count as official data, or unofficial downloaded data.
I don't use Pokegen, so I wouldn't be able to help you there.
Well, I want to know whether or not my shiny thundurus is eligible for nationals since i qualified this year. from what ive heard, as long as the pokemon meets the conditions of the rules such as: Not exceeding 31 IVs, and not exceeding 254 EVs, my thundurus is good to go. However, I don't know whether or not it is legal, even if all it's stats are completely legit and reasonable.
Even though I have no proof at the moment, I can tell you that a lot of VGC  and Tournament participant use hacked Pokemon. I know because I join tourneys myself and almost all the people I battled had a team full of shiny Pokemon

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Believe it or not, it is possible to use PokeGen, PokeGTS, Pokecheck Pokemon as long as their EV and IV isn't over the border wich is 510 in total for EV and 31 on all stats for IV. Your Pokemon's location must also be viable. It isn't allowed to know any hacked move or illegal move. If all this things are kept, you can actually join the Tournament. You can even participate in wifi-battles. I should warn you that when abused you might not be able to use them on wifi for a short while.

Source: Eyewitness

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my cousins are like pro cheaters :P
Thanks, DB-Valet. My thundurus has 31 IVs in sp. Attack, 30 IVs in HP, defense, attack, sp. Defense, and speed. the EVs are 252 Special Attack, 252 speed, and 6 HP.
Then you should be able to Participate and np ;)