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I got a bunch of awesome Pokemon, and I want to do battles like all of the youtubers where you battle 6 vs 6, with all the Pokemon at level 100. I can't use a lot of the Pokemon I got on Random Matchup (they're guys like Mew, Arceus, Jirachi, Celebi, etc.) and it's only 3 vs 3. Is it possible to do the 6 on 6 level 100 battles?


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Yes, the middle lady in the Pokemon center hosts the Wi-Fi Club which allows you to use a full 6-6. But you need Friend Codes to enter that room. Also, you must be able to connect to the internet on your system. You can change that with your system settings. You get friend codes after you receive a pal pad. You automatically get assigned a code that you exchange with your friends in order to show up in the union room and wifi club. If you still need help, comment.

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Who's "the middle lady"? And how do I get friend codes?
Very specific. You're welcome.
Thank you, but how do I get friend codes?
Your Pal Pad, go to it and look under ________'s Friend Code <- to get yours

You have to ask people for theirs in chat <- to obtain others
you're welcome again
I know I'm being a pain, and I'm sorry, but... Let me get this straight: To find out your friend code you look on your pal pad? What chat do I go in to ask people for their code? How do I negotiate a battle with them?
Yes, and you see the big button that says Chat to the right hand side of the screen? Enter the DB Chat and ask someone but don't obsessivly ask it. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/chat