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I asked how to do 6 on 6 level 100, and I was having all my questions answered, but then I never got a reply when I asked this question. I get that you have to find out your friend code, go to some chat room, and meet the person in the room that the middle lady in the Pokemon center is guarding. Is this correct? Can someone tell me the whole process? I've always wanted to do battles just like I see on youtube, so I want to know how.


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  1. Add your friends Friend Code (Make sure they have added you)
  2. Choose your team or your battle box
  3. Talk to the middle lady at the Poke center
  4. You will see your friend so talk with him/her
  5. Choose battle and "no restrictions" for a level 100 battle
  6. Enjoy your battle! ;)

Hope I helped

Answer for your questions in the comments

  1. To find a persons Friend Code (FC) you have to talk with them in chat room / Forums / Irl Friends.

  2. You add the FC in your pal pad.

  3. You have to ask them if they wanna trade or battle. The best way is to ask in the chat room on this site but dont ask to much since it's quite annoying.

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Thank you very much! But a few questions... How do you get a persons friend code? Where do you add there friend code? How do you know that the other person will be there?