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As most of you know I play Doubles and I recently made a team with Unnerve Galvantula.

Before I ask my question you need to know the context. This is the situation:

On my side of the field I have Cresselia holding a Sitrus Berry. Unnerve Galvantula as its partner. My opponent has Scizor and Swampert.

The question: If Scizor uses Bug Bite will it regain health due the Sitrus Berry or will Bug Bite only cause damage because of Unnerve? Note: Scizor attacks Cresselia.


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So I had someone help me test this. I got Scizor with Bug Bite and a companion. Scizor took damage and attacked Cresselia with Bug Bite.

My team: Scizor / Donphan
Foe's team: Cresselia (holding berry) / Galvantula (With Unnerve)

Scizor did damage to Cresselia but did not eat the Sitrus berry

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Just what I thought. Ty for testing.
No problem