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In my Pokemon black 2, I already reached the part in team plasma's ship...
Then, I defeated zinzolin and the accompanied grunt then I reached the next puzzle which was the pipes
I already know the password but I forgot the plasma card which was in the previous puzzle in the ship!
I tried to go back but I didn't find the stairs to that room, and I'm afraid I'm trapped..
Can I still recover the card???


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Hmm. Sounds like you managed a small sequence break. As far as my research has shown, there's not much you can do. However, using Dig will allow you to get out of the ship. Try teaching via TM if you don't know it. If none of your Pokemon can learn it, consider turning off the game without saving to start over from your last save point. Obviously, you should search for a way out a bit more before trying that.

Tip: Put your DS in Sleep Mode and take a break. Sometimes all you need is some time for your head to clear, and suddenly the puzzle is easier. Trust me.

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I already solved the problem before anyone could answer the question, thanks for answering though :)
The "taking a break" stuff is kinda good :D
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Poke'Slash's ideas were very good and I agree ....but,if you have saved your game you can let your Pokemon die so as to return to the Pokemon center ...just continue the game and make your Pokemon faint with any possible way!

Very good point. Losing the battle is an easy way to get out.