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Ok, so I came out to the grassy area on Giant Chasm and I saw all the members of team plasma. I got the item in the Pokéball and then climbed up the ice. Hugh said something about stopping team plasma and then I explored the ship. I think I saw Kyrem too. On coming back down I talked to all the Team Plasma people. Then I thought I'd do some training with my lucky egg. When all my Pokemon were level 60, I attempted to climb up the ice again only to find I couldn't. Now I am stuck. Unless I fly out then I'm stuck.

I am not considering restarting the game.

Please help me!!! :D

I owe you one if you answer, really.

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Sorry, I am so desperate.
Are you actually stuck in the game like you can't move or do you just not know what to do next?
Oh, I can move, it's just I dunno what to do next

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Ehh. By ship do you mean the Plasma Frigate? Because after Hugh runs off, you need to go and smash everyone in the Plasma Frigate to go back to the Giant Chasm and get Kyurem.
Try the Marrilands Walkthrough though, and see if it helps you.

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Will try that, Thanks!!
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Are you actually stuck on the ice stairs?

If so, just press whatever arrow button you need to press again (as in whatever direction you're going in), and you should be able to get off the stairs and continue your trek to the ship again.

Hope I helped. :)

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No, I just don't know what to do next. I blame myself, I should have worded my question differently. :3
Lol, I knew that probably wasn't your problem, it was just in case. :3