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In Pokemon Black 2, Is it possible to catch a Petilil or must I trade with someone who has one?
When I look in the Pokedex It says Area Unknown, I asked someone and they said yes. I'm confused, Can Someone please help? Thanks if someone answers!


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Yes, it is possible to obtain a Petilil in Black 2.
On Route 4, you can do an in-game trade with a person for a Petilil. It is Modest nature, holds a Power Anklet and is level 20. You must give him in return a Cottonee.
The man is on the right side of Route 4.

This is the only way.

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I agree with Candle's answer and instructions but I feel more detail is needed... First it's a she not a him and to find her, yes on route 4 but in the second building on the right.
Hope this was also helpful.