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I am struggling to find Petilil in Omega Ruby. I know it is a Mirage Forest that it spawns in, and I have to check daily to see what type of Mirage I can find. However my question is will any "Mirage Forest" have a chance to catch it there or is there a specific location of the Mirage Forest that I need to be searching for? I have been trying to many days and I can find a Mirage forest but am unable to find this Pokemon and not sure what I am doing wrong.
Any advice or tips on this?
Thank you!!


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It is found it Mirage Spot Areas 3 and 5, according to the Hoenn location guide: Mirage Spots (Hoenn). I'm not quite sure where exactly they are, but that's where you should find Petilil. I also don't know how to access certain areas, but if you do, that's where you should look. Here's the link for the location guide: https://pokemondb.net/location/hoenn-mirage-spots
Hope this helps, at least a bit.

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Which location guide are you using? Can you show us a link?
Ok. Ill do it right now
Pokemon DB's location guides are bad.
source: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/14511/
Mmm ok. Then I have absolutely nothing! Sorry.
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You can find Petilil west of Route 114 or south of Route 132.