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Ive been marking down which egg moves I want for each of my Pokemon but ive noticed something thta I dont understand.
Lets say I want either fire/ice/thunder punch for my gengar the perfect parent would be dusknoir but when I look at when dusknoir levels at when it learns these move its says level 1? Why?
Does it mean I have to breed them moves into them and then breed that in gengar?
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Dusknoir learns these moves at Lv. 1, meaning that you need to use Heart Scales to relearn Ice, Fire and Thunder Punch. Then he can pass them on to Gastly.

Or you could save yourself all of this trouble and just teach the Elemental Punches to Gengar from the ORAS Move Tutors.

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Oh. I get it. Dusknoir had some more moves id like so i was seeing if i could do it move move. Thanks!! Now time to raid some heart scales! :)