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I checked out Omega Ruby for 3DS from my library and have made a lot of progress in it. I want to buy a copy of the game but don’t want to start all over again.

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The description of this question is confusing. Are you under the impression that buying another copy of the game will force you start over your existing game? What problem are you trying to solve by transferring your save data?
If you want two save files at once you can buy another game and it will not interfere with your existing save data.
I think the OP wants to ask if its possible to transfer the progress of a save file over to another copy of the game. Not sure what "Omega Ruby for 3DS from my library" means, since ORAS only have physical copies unlike the virtual console of Gen 1 and 2.

@OP Do you have a "library" in your locality where you can try Pokémon games as demos and then buy them? In that case, no, the copy you'll buy will start the game from the beginning.
I believe the OP is referring to an actual library, like the one you check out books from. I've been able to check out Wii games from a library before. Since the save data for 3DS games is saved on the cartridge, not the 3DS itself, if he were to get a different copy of Omega Ruby, it wouldn't have the save data of the one he got from the library, so he wants to know if he could transfer the save data from the library copy to the other copy. Since he'll return the library copy at some point, he'd lose access to his save file, and he doesn't want to start over. At least that's what I'm getting from all this.
Lmao to clear things up I was talking about an irl library. Sorry for the confusion
Maybe you can ask your library staff for help? They might already have something set up for this kind of situation.
This is something I've done before. Buy a new copy of the game and see if you can negotiate with the librarians. If you can, see if you could give them the new game that you just bought, and then keep the library copy that has all of your save data on it.

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No. From my experience, you cannot transfer save files between cartridges.

How did your experience tell you that none of the tools in existence can do this?
@gimi Do you want me to put this question back on the unanswered list?
I tried, and you can't do it. Unless you hack or something.
How do you know you tried every tool and application that doesn't count as "hacking"?
There wasn't anything on the system itself. If it was a Switch the cartridge you use doesn't matter, as it is saved to your Nintendo account. I believe the 3ds works in the opposite way.