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Which should I choose, Lileep, or Anorith, by the way I my team. I chose Swampert if that helps decide anything. And don't say just trade for both, give me an either or answer with specific reasons why to pick that fossil. Thanks,

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Why are you not using Solrock?
It's because of the significant typing and stat total advantage, plus I'm pretty sure Armaldo learns better moves.

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- Amazing 125 Attack
- Solid 100 Defense
- Just three weaknesses
- Learns moves like Strength, X-Scissor, and Earthquake
- Pretty slow
- Its other defenses are middling

- Very nice defensive stats, with 86/97/107
- Equal attacking stats can allow it to go either way
- Learns moves like Energy Ball, Strength, Sludge Wave, and Earthquake
- Slow
- Attack stats aren't that high
- Its defensive inclination isn't as useful in-game

Go with Armaldo. It's more offensive, which is what Pokemon in a playthrough should be. Cradily works, but it prefers leaning to the defensive side.

Armaldo @ anything
Ability: Battle Armor
- Stone Edge / Rock Slide
- X-Scissor
- Earthquake
- Strength

Hope I helped!

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The only thing I'm worried about chosing Armaldo is it's slow level up rate, do Lileep and Cradily also level up slowly? Nevemind, just checked and they both have erratic.
You would think that two counterparts to each other would have the same, wouldn't you?