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What's the file size of all the updates in Omega Ruby individually and over all combined? I wanna know this because if it is too big, I will use a different wifi than I usually do

@Sarvitar You will need to download the update either way. Update data is not loaded onto the cartridge; it's a patch that is stored in the system memory.
oops :/
More importantly, if I update the game, will it damage my save file?
I can answer that no it will not do it any harm.
@StellarLucario thanks. Guess I'll just update this game

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Between November 25th 2014 and April 23rd 2015, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire received 4 patch updates, each 271 blocks in size. Added up it's 1,084 blocks, or 135.5 MB. However, it's more likely that each patch replaced the last (since they're all the same size), so buying the base game now and then updating it will probably only require 271 blocks, or 33.8 MB.

Source: Serebii

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