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I like the anomalocaris design and I’m upset that the evolution doesn’t stay true to its design, in fact it simply looks dumb, also anorith already has a high attack and relatively high speed. In a game play through, would high ev iv eviolite anorith still be good?

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Which game are you planning on playing?

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Seeing as you can beat the Champion with just a Magikarp and a squad of Gastly, Anorith definitely works. Its Attack is solid for in-game, and it gets some pretty good moves. Eviolite helps to patch up its defenses, and it'll be outspeeding a lot, because this is in-game. It has STAB super effective against Milo, Kabu, Melony, Piers, and a few Pokemon in the Champion Cup, meaning it can absolutely pull its weight.

Anorith @ Eviolite
Ability: Battle Armor / Swift Swim
- X-Scissor
- Rock Slide
- Brick Break
- Body Slam

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