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or Arctozolt?

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Dracovish is broken and it's a water dragon type, clearly it is the best
I'm pretty sure any of them would work, but Dracozolt and Dracovish are your best bets.

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Definitely Dracozolt. It resists 3/4 out of his Charizards move, and Ancient Power is weak enough it does barely any damage. It can also hit Charizard hard back with Thunder Punch, Thunder Fang, Bolt Beak, or Wild Charge. Dracovish is your second choice. It only resists its fire move and is neutral to everything else, which means it isn't as good as Dracozolt. It does the same thing Dracozolt does, but is a bit worse. Arctovish is your third choice. It is weak to its grass and rock move, as well as neutral to everything else. It is a worse Dracovish and Dracozolt. Arctozolt is the worst. It is weak to its fire and rock moves, the first one is STAB which makes the situation for it even worse. Dracozolt is the best because it resists almost all its moves and can retaliate with a powerful electric STAB move. Here is a moveset for Dracozolt:
Dracozolt @ Any
Wild Charge / Bolt Beak / Thunder Punch / Thunder Fang
Dragon Claw / Breaking Swipe / Outrage
I hope I've helped!

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Also, if you tell me which starter you chose and what your team is, I can put more analysis.
i started with scorbunny
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Dracovish is technically the best fossil.
It is also a water type, meaning it does 2x damage to Charizard.

But I would prefer Dracozolt, flying type attacks do 1/2 damage to it, while fire type moves also only do 1/2 damage to it.

I would never use Arctovish due to the fact that Leon's Charizard has Ancient Power, Actovish is also really bad in my opinion.

Arctozolt cannot be used since it has 2x weakness to fire type moves.

Dracozolt's electric moves are also super effective against charizard
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Dracovish with a Choice Scarf would be pretty good with Fishious Rend, as well as resisting or neutral against all of Charizard's moves.

Same with with dracozolt, but it resists the flying moves