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I want to shiny hunt Dracovish for my team. I just now got my Galarian Weezing (56 encounters) and now want to get mr fish to pass time. Which member of the Digging Duo will get me fossils more often.

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It depends which Fossils you want. For the Skill Brother, the Bird and Dino have a 7.28% and 6.93% chance of spawning. The Drake and Fish have a 1.49% and 1.33% chance respectively. This is for Sword. If you have Shield, the Swap the odds for each group. The Bird and Dino Fossils are more rare, while the Fish and Drake are Common.
NOw, the Stamina Brother. He has a 3.63% chance for a Bird, and a 3.52% chance for a Dino. Note that these are for Sword as well. If you have Shield, swap these odds again because these are the Sword exclusive Fossils for this Brother. Fish and Drake are Shield exclusive.
Hopefully this helps, and you can work out the data for your needa. Comment if you need help!
Hope this helps!
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonSwordAndShield/comments/e7hl8b/digging_duo_odds/

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The Skill Brother
Fossilized Drake, Bird, Fish and Dino are more common when digging with the Skill Brother. In Pokemon Shield, Drake and Fish fossils are abundantly more common. In Sword, Bird and Dino fossils are.

If you haven't already, an NPC in the Stow-On-Side Pokecenter will give you 2 fossilized Drakes or Birds, depending on your version. (Shield has Drakes, and Sword has Birds.)

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