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I tried looking this up and I don't see any one specific answer. I just want to know if the road ahead for me is a long one.

It doesn't it Gens. 6-7, so I don't see why it wouldn't carry over into Gen. 8.

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They are not affected by Shiny Charm, unfortunately.

Source (outdated, but still provides info)
Source 2

Hope I helped, and good luck with your hunt!

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You're welcome!
thats not a source those are just 2 threads of people saying yes or no and the video is unavailable (though that might just be for me). ive been looking and all ive seen are just people saying weather or not they think its boosted odds
A source is anything you get something from. In this case, that something is information, and those two threads are the source of said information. Whether or not they are reliable or accurate doesn't mean they are or are not a source. Regardless, they seem to be correct. Just looked at Bulbapedia and it says that the Shiny Charm increases the encounter rate of shiny Pokemon and through breeding.