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I have been confused every time. I keep fusing the fossil Pokemon and I lost count. If you have an answer, type one below.


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  • Fish + Drake = Dracovish
  • Fish + Dino = Arctovish
  • Bird + Drake = Dracozolt
  • Bird + Dino = Arctozolt

You can also dig up Fossils from the Digging Duo brothers in the Wild Area. You can find them near the Pokemon Nursery in the Bridge Field zone. It costs 500 Watts per dig, and it's not guaranteed what you'll get, however, Fossils are more common from the Skill Brother.

You'll commonly get Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino fossils in Pokemon Sword, and Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Fish fossils in Pokemon Shield when digging with the Skill Brother. These are uncommon from the Stamina Brother.

Lastly, you can sometimes find Fossils as sparkling items in the Dusty Bowl in the Wild Area.

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There are 4 fossils.

Drake- One can be obtained in Dusty Bowl and Stow-On-Side. Repeatable methods are the Digging Duo. Refer to page (1) for more info. The finite methods are Shield only.

Dino- One can be found on Route 6 and Dusty Bowl in Sword only. Repeatable methods being the Digging Duo.

Bird- One can be found on Route 6 and Dusty Bowl in Sword only. Digging Duo is repeatable.

Fish- One can be found in Dusty Bowl and Stow-On-Side in Shield only. Digging Duo is repeatable.

Next, to go the Revival Machine on Route 6 and present to fossils and they will be revived into a fossil.
For odds, see here (1)https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/350472/which-member-of-the-digging-duo-for-getting-fossils.

Drake + Fish = Dracovish
Drake + Bird = Dracozolt
Fish + Dino = Arctovish
Bird + Dino = Arctozolt

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You can obtain the Fossil items from the Digging Duo. These are the combinations:

Drake + Bird = Dracozolt
Bird +Dino = Arctozolt
Fish + Drake = Dracovish
Fish + Dino = Arctovish

Hope I helped!